Additionally, medication like estrogens, androgens, and hormonal contraceptives might alter lab outcomes. An artery consists of 3 layers, the tunica intima , tunica media, and tunica adventitia. Estrogen is believed to have a constructive effect on the tunica intima of the artery wall, serving to to keep blood vessels versatile.

However, girls globally have completely different views and expectations for this pivotal change in life. It doesn’t matter where on the earth you live, in case you are a girl of a sure age, you’ll have to navigate the complicated waters of menopause. Researchers have discovered that a drug first developed to deal with Alzheimer’s illness, schizophrenia and sickle cell illness reduces weight problems and fatty liver in mice and improves their heart perform — … Holly Pevzner focuses on creating well being, vitamin, parenting and being pregnant content for a wide range of publications, similar to EatingWell, Family Circle, Parents, and Real Simple.

Easing Vaginal Discomfort

In this case, the symptoms of menopause could begin during the cancer treatment or might develop months following the remedy. Menopause is a single cut-off date and not a process; it is the time point in at which a woman’s final interval ends. Of course, a woman will not know when that point level has occurred until she has been 12 consecutive months without a interval. The symptoms of menopause, however, could begin years before the precise menopause occurs and may persist for some years afterward as properly.


Since puberty, our bodies start to produce more estrogen each time an egg matures, which occurs roughly once a month. At one level during my interview with Mosconi, she happened to mention that women who endure hysterectomies have the next risk of Alzheimer’s. In my early 40s, I had a hysterectomy to remove a uterus beleaguered by adenomyosis. I’m sure nobody ever warned me of the danger pre-op, even though the data was already out there. I couldn’t have forgone the surgical procedure; my adenomyosis had left me fatally anemic. I was so upset to be taught this, I had to shut off the digital recorder to catch my breath.

Q: Is There A Link Between Menopause And Depression?

Hot flashes final anyplace from 30 seconds to 10 minutes, they usually may begin earlier than menstrual irregularities. Hot flashes may last as long as 10 years, but 80% of ladies won’t have any sizzling flashes after 5 years. The exact reason for sizzling flashes is unknown, however they’re most likely linked to the hormonal and biochemical changes introduced on by decreasing estrogen levels. Women can help scale back the symptoms of hot flashes by dressing in gentle layers, exercising frequently, using a fan, managing stress, and avoiding spicy meals. Hot flashes are a typical symptom across the time of menopause.

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